Wednesday, 18 July 2012

pi matrix

PI Matrix

Personal Investigation Assessment Matrix
  • Shows weeks of work
  • Audience is very interested
  • I've done the work myself
  • Research in my words – with my personality in it
  • Contains humour(?)
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Speech is confident, clear and with action and expression
  • PowerPoint / presentation has large pics and/or videos and plays automatically

  • Shows three or four weeks of work
  • Research is mostly in my own words
  • Information is interesting and in my own words
  • Adults have supported me without doing work for me
  • Some humour (?)
  • Some interaction with the audience
  • Audience is attentive and interested
  • Speech is clear
  • PowerPoint / presentation has large pics and/or video

  • Shows about a week’s work
  • A little research – some in my own words
  • Adults have done some of the work for me
  • No interaction with the audience
  • No humour
  • Poor presentation
  • Few pictures
  • Mostly reads the info from the PowerPoint / presentation

  • Reads the words on the presentation
  • Clearly started at the last minute
  • Hardly any info
  • Parents have done a lot of it for me
  • No pictures or steps
  • Research is straight off the internet
  • No humour
  • Not finished on time
  • Untidy presentation
  • Speech is not very clear


  1. Wow Joel that was cool the thing I liked about the PI was that at the start it was your pic. Next time you could have more info.
    Great work!!!!

  2. Nice P.I Joel
    I loved it how you took something from your own experience and did it for your P.I.
    Next time you could practice your speech more.

    From Cam

  3. noah says......
    Wow great PI Jo Jo loads of information but you could have of explanned it lots better and described the tricks and stop stuttering

  4. Great Work Joel!!!!!!
    You did awesome I liked how the first pic was yours. Next time you could Make your P.I longer and have more info.

  5. Nice P.I Joel I liked how you how you interacted with the audience. Next time you could learn you speech a bit better but good P.I any way

  6. I enjoyed your investigation, Jo Jo. You chose a great topic - one that you are interested in. It's a pity you left it until the last minute, because you didn't manage to get very much information to share.

  7. Great work JoJo!

    I really your topic too. Next time you should practice your speech so you don't stop mid sentence.

    Other than that... Great work!!!

  8. Joel that P.I was great. I have learnt a lot from your P.I. But next time you could try and look at the audience. :)

    From Ben

  9. W.O.W Jo Jo it would have been way better if you hade spent longer on it but other wise good work I reckon next time your P.I will be evan better. I really liked how you put atleast 1 of your own photos.

  10. Interesting PI Joel,ALTHOUGH I felt like I'd heard it somewhere before... YOUR LAST PI!!!! Please can you do a different topic on your next PI. But I loved the fact that you used at least one of your photos. Just in the future use all of your photos yours, because you obviously have heaps of them. That's it.


  11. Nice Pi Joel. It was quite interesting. Next time hand it in on time and use your own pics and know your words(don`t mumble). Good other than those thing.

    Cool P.I Joel. What I really like is that you had one of your pics.
    Next time you Speak louder don't mumble and have your own pics oh and did you know anything about it?
    From Jas :P

    That was a good presentation Joel. But even though your pics were good they weren't yours. Also you didn't seem to know the tricks which was a shame. Also I think you need to speak clearer and have a question.
    Jam :(|)

  12. That was a cool PI and your topic was cool but in the futuer you should stop turning away from the people and you could also do somthing that isint kind of the same topic

  13. Nice PI Joel. I liked how you chose a topic you didn't know much about and learnt more about it. I think that you should have looked at the audience and talked louder. Sarah;)

    Cool PI Joel. I liked how you had your own picture at the start. It sucks that you didn't finish (let alone start it!)Next time you could stop saying "um" all the time. It showed you had a some nerves. Well done though :)
    Grace :-]

    Great PI Joel its good you did something your interested in you BUT you should look at the audience when your speaking ~Cindy

  14. I liked your P.I. Joel and I guess you would of to because I know how much you love motercross but next time you need to stop the mumbling and look at the audience.

  15. WOW AWESOME P.I. Jo Jo I think it is really awesome that you are into motocross and then to learn more about it you did a P.I. on it. I know it is really hard to get free pictures but next time you could have atleast tried. From Camryn Mabey!

  16. Wow! Joel good work you could please speak a bit louder.
    Every think else was better and good better the last time.~ India

    Cool P.I Joel
    It was cool you had one photo of you.
    But I think next time you could of spoke louder a clearer but cool P.I :) From Annaleise

  17. Great PI Joel you had lots of info but next time you could use your own pictures. ~Bex???

  18. Joel your P.I was Awesome i learnt lots from your P.I and about the motor cross tracks and super cross tracks but next time you could try look at the audience more.

  19. W.O.W Jo Jo I liked your P.I and I liked how you hade atleast 1 of your own pictures next time you hopefuly get more time.

  20. great pi but next time you could look at the audiences

  21. loved it but i could not really you.