Monday, 30 April 2012

P.I Matrix

  • Shows weeks of work
  • Audience is very interested
  • I've done the work myself
  • Research in my words – with my personality in it
  • Contains humour(?)
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Speech is confident, clear and with action and expression
  • PowerPoint / presentation has large pics and/or videos and plays automatically

  • Shows three or four weeks of work
  • Research is mostly in my own words
  • Information is interesting and in my own words
  • Adults have supported me without doing work for me
  • Some humour (?)
  • Some interaction with the audience
  • Audience is attentive and interested
  • Speech is clear
  • PowerPoint / presentation has large pics and/or video
  • Shows about a week’s work
  • A little research – some in my own words
  • Adults have done some of the work for me
  • No interaction with the audience
  • No humour
  • Poor presentation
  • Few pictures
  • Mostly reads the info from the PowerPoint / presentation

  • Reads the words on the presentation
  • Clearly started at the last minute
  • Hardly any info
  • Parents have done a lot of it for me
  • No pictures or steps
  • Research is straight off the internet
  • No humour
  • Not finished on time
  • Untidy presentation
  • Speech is not very clear


  1. i liked your PI but next time you could get a bit more info.

  2. VVVVVVRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sound of a stock car. I would just flip myself and get extra money but that would be a bit silly cause you might KILL yourself any way great and interesting P.I. I cant believe you get money for getting flipped. For next time you could of put a video of a stockcar getting flipped
    GREAT P.I. Joel
    From Caleb

  3. Well done Joel that was a cool P.I. and it was very interesting I liked the crashes and the interesting facts.You could have rehersted more and looked at the audience.

  4. Great PI. I liked how you had lots and lots of facts. Next time you could look at the audience and speak clearer. Other than that great PI! Maddi (:

    Terrific PI!!! I liked how you did a quiz and had lots of pics. Maybe next time you could stop looking at the paper and had the answers on the quiz peice of paper. Jas(:

  5. Nice P.I. jo jo
    your information was really interesting like you get paid more for rolling. Next time you could look at the audience while speaking.
    From Camryn Mabey

    Great P.I. joel.
    I liked it how you had a quiz at the end of your P.I. Next time you could look at the audience.
    From Sammy!

  6. noah said ..........................
    great pi I new nothing about stock cars but now i know loads of interesting facts but next time look at the auidience.

    tom says ... clear speaking and great information just what a good pi should have it was a great pi joel and i am looking forward to your next one.

  7. Joel... your P.I was very INTERESTING!!! at first i didn't even know that there was 24 racing tracks but next time speak more clearly.

  8. Nice P.I Jo Jo.
    I liked how you told the whole class that if you get rolled you get paid but I knew.
    You could have spoken abit louder so we can hear.
    From Cam Pita

    Really nice Pi JO JO. i didn't know that you get payed if you get rolled! If i were racing i would role people and try to get rolled. But next time you could speak clearer. But i reallllly liked it. NICE WORK
    from luka

  9. Great P.I joel i didn't know that when they tip over they get money

  10. Great PI joel and speaking but you could of done better and more info and i better slide like i said great speaking.

  11. Nice PI Joel!!!!!
    Some really interesting facts, clear speaking and good info. I can't not think of anything that you have to work on you should be proud of your self.
    From Salma

    Excellent PI Joel!!!!
    You had some great info and I learnt many things
    but next time try to practice your speach a little bit more.


  12. Great P.I joel i didn't know that when they tip over they get money

    by campbell

  13. Nice PI joel I liked the facts. next time try make it interesting

  14. Zoom, Beep, Beep HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anybody could be fooled that that wasn't a bunch of onomatopoeic words, Right? Great P.I Jo Jo!! Maybe just explain what the names of engines and speeds are clearly. Anyway, Gotta get back to the track, I heard they're selling hot-dogs!!!!!

  15. Cooool P.I Joel. Good info.But try to make eye contact.


  16. that was a great pi.
    i liked how you had the pics of the stop cars crashing.
    try to make eye contact and stop mufling

  17. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL pi joel and a good topic. next time you could look at us

  18. i loved your pi there was no bad things about it for me from violet

  19. WOW Joel!!! It was a very interesting PI and I loved how you picked a topic that you love!! I really enjoyed your facts, but next time you might want to slow your speech down and maybe have practised your script more. So what I'm saying is work on your words!!! Loved it